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Services we provide

We are the one stop shop for your Hayabusa. We take great pride in our work, and you can rest assured that work will be compleated at levels well above your expectations. We are the only choice for your build.


What we do:

-Turbo kits

-Engine builds

-Custom fabrication

-Head work

-Transmission work

-Wiring jobs

-Dyno tuning




-Parts sales




------------------------------------------------------Shop hourly rate $85/hour----------------------------------------------------------------------


------------------------------------------------------Fabrication work $100/hour plus materials------------------------------------------


----------------------------------------------------Driveability/electrical troubleshooting $250-----------------------------------------


This is the charge regardless of the time it takes to find the issue. If it takes 1 hour, or 10, this is the flat rate charge. The only extra charge is for the parts that needed to be replaced.


---------------------------------------------------------------Dyno tuning---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bolt on bikes (stock engine, light mods) $450

Turbo streetbike tune $650 (Includes wot, and part throttle tune as well as street tuning if we build your bike.)

Turbo race only tune $550


***If you built your bike yourself and bring it to us to tune please be advised: Prices Listed per tune is if the bike arrives ready to turn the drum. Meaning I dont have to fill with coolant, tighten clamps, tighten/lube chain, put gas in it. (yes that shouldnt have to be said) There is a 15 min grace period built in to pricing. If while running on the dyno, and I notice a problem, if it takes longer then 15 min for me to troubleshoot, it turns into hourly shop rate. Spending hours troubleshooting your wiring issues on the dyno is NOT included in the price of the tune.


---------------------------------------------------------Trikes and Sand Rail Tuning-----------------------------------------------------------------

The search is over, YES we CAN tune your motorcycle engine powered Sand Rail, or T-Rex. Our Mustang Dyno is actually a car chassis dyno that is designed to be knocked down to one roller for tuning motorcycles. It doesnt matter if its a stock Hayabusa engine/ stock Ecu needing a tune via ECU Editor, or a Power commander. Or perhaps a built engine with a turbo or supercharger with a stand alone ecu? Not a problem. We are most familiar with AEM, Holley EFI, MS3 Pro And Motec. But we gladly will take on any other stand alone ecu. On sand rails we do require a street tire of some sort. We simply cannot run sand paddels on the rollers.


We welcome ANY Hayabusa powered project. If its cool, we wanna Tune it, and we have the capabilities to do it.


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