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Bought a kit from us, and you're unclear on something during the install? No problem, give us a call! We offer 24/7 tech support to all our customers!

Your one stop shop!

Located in Houston Texas, at Boosted Cycle Performance we eat, sleep, and breathe Turbocharged Hayabusas. In fact we're the only shop that specializes in them exclusively. That being said, our reputation, service, and fair pricing is whats been bringing new clients Hayabusa's in from not just Texas, but from all across the country! 


We do it all, engine builds, head work, turbo kits, installs, dyno tuning, wiring, powdercoat, and even paint! We have done everything from stock appearing 230HP stage 1 bikes to 600+HP turn key streetbikes. But we can't leave out our race only bikes. Land speed, drag and grudge bikes are also our fort'e.


We specialize in using ECU Editor for tuning the Hayabusa. We also are fluent with most stand alone ECUs including Aem, Holley EFI, and  Pro EFI. Want a full flex fuel Turbo Busa? Not a problem.


Being the best, requires using the best parts available. We are a dealer for:

-RCC Turbos

-Mcintosh machine



Setting the standard.

If you've been in the Hayabusa scene for any amount of time, you've probably read, or even know of someone with a Turbo Bike thats always having problems. Sadly, this is a common problem that we see all the time and they make their way to us to be fixed. The devil is in the details, and the details are what makes the diffrence between a turn key daily boosted bike, or a fustrating bottomless pit of money.


10 Years ago we developed our now famous Power Block electrical system that cured the biggest problem with electronics heavy Turbo Hayabusas. But it didnt end there. We've since added a list of other minor improvements that further help aid in making the most reliable Turbo Hayabusas on the planet.


Having a precision assembled bike means nothing if its not tuned right. While most shops will throw a tune together that might make decent hp, they usually fall short on the part throttle tune, where the bike spends most of its time. This is the most common complaint we get from customers that bring already completed bikes to us to look over.


Part throttle tuning typically is the longest part of  doing a dyno tune. However to do this right, a loaded dyno is required. Those types of dynos are very expensive, and most shops dont have them. We use a loaded Mustang dyno. These accuratly load the roller to simulate going down the road, perfect for part throttle tuning. They also load more accuratly for HP pulls allowing for more precicion tune. If that wasnt enough, on bikes that we build, we also take the bike and ride it for at least 100 miles to further ensure that the bike runs perfectly stop light to stop light, cruises down the highway perfectly, and make sure it starts right up at the gas station and wont leave you stranded. Yes is takes longer, but its the right way to do it. This further ensures that our out of state clients will have a trouble free bike when it gets delivered.


Thats the Boosted Cycle Performance diffrence.


Builder and Tuner of the fastest, most reliable street ridden Turbo Hayabusas in the country.

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